Monday, 21 March 2011

Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

So for my birthday I made some pretty darned amazing Vanilla Cupcakes to celebrate. I filmed the process, along with the making of the buttercream frosting (meringue based) and you'll be seeing the steps to the buttercream frosting soon!

New to Baking? Here's some Baking 101:

Everyone can bake. You just need to know some tips and tricks of the trade!

In baking, temperature is very important. Mixing cold ingredients is difficult and will lead to cupcakes that are too watery or too dry.

So, pull out all your ingredients in advance and have them settle to about room temperature. For eggs, you can let them sit in tepid water to warm them up. Milk needs to be out for about 15min. Butter can be softened (softened not melted) by blasting it in the microwave for 10sec.

For those of you wondering why on EARTH we add salt to most baked goods, it's for one reason alone: flavour.

Salt acts to balance out the sugar as well as really enhance the flavour of all the ingredients. You don't need much. Just a pinch or two.

When it comes to mixing, never over beat. The key here is to mix things in until JUST incorporated. i.e. You just added flour? Mix until you don't see any flour on the side. Scrape the sides down as you go. You're making cake. Over beating will have you making bread instead. Not exactly what we want.


1¼ cups all-purpose flour
1½ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
¾ cups sugar
6 tbsp unsalted butter
1 large egg
1 large egg white
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ cup whole milk


Preheat oven to 350F

In a bowl, mix together your flour, baking powder and salt. This is your Flour Mixture.

In a separate, larger bowl, beat your sugar and butter together with an electric-mixer on medium-high speed.

Add your egg and egg white one at a time, beating on low until just incorporated. Then add your vanilla.

Now we'll be adding our Flour mixture in 3 additions and Milk in 2 additions, alternating between the two, so to simplify, we'll be adding them to our large bowl like this: Flour Mixture - Milk - Flour Mixture - Milk - Flour Mixture
Beat on low between each addition

Now divide the batter evenly in muffin cups filling each to about 3/4ths full. Don't over-fill. We're making cupcakes not muffins!

Pop into the oven, for about 18-20 minutes or until light gold-brown and a toothpick put into the center of a cupcake comes out clean. Cupcakes bake best in the center of the oven

Let cool on a rack and make sure they're cool before frosting.

And you're done! Wait for my buttercream frosting recipe for some great frosting ideas!

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At 21 March 2011 at 15:00 , Blogger Jane Alisa said...

Thanks so much for this recipe. Next time I have a bit of free time, I will try it out. xoxo

At 21 March 2011 at 16:11 , Blogger David Diaz said...

I love this post, it makes me so hungry! : )

At 21 March 2011 at 22:37 , Blogger Christina said...

Great post! Love the video, and your manicure is perfect in it!

At 22 March 2011 at 01:22 , Anonymous rakhshanda said...

Thanks for sharing!! Love this <3

At 22 March 2011 at 08:41 , Blogger Shang J. said...

I don't have a sweet tooth. But I am sure they'll be yummy ^^ Hope you can follow me back too.

At 24 March 2011 at 22:38 , Blogger The Cat Hag said...

Wow, your cupcake looks really good!!

Hehe, I think I just put on 1kg just reading your entry. ;P

The Cat Hag

At 27 March 2011 at 03:43 , Blogger Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

At 28 March 2011 at 08:26 , Blogger Nadia Aboulhosn said...

omg these look amazing. cupcakes are my favorite!


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